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LEGO Education EV3 Mindstorms Classroom Solution Bundles


Whether you favor a structured or a flexible approach to your STEM lessons, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 robotics solution is for you.

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LEGO® Education for Chromebooks is Here!

Now available for our WeDo 2.0 app and our EV3 Programming app! 

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LEGO Education Chromebook Compatibility

I want my students to leave me with the knowledge and skills to think for themselves, to gather evidence, and to be able to stand up to a problem and solve it. I want to cultivate tenacity, skepticism, curiosity, and imagination in my students, and LEGO Education solutions are a tool I use to help do that.

Breigh Rhodes

Second-Grade Teacher, Rollins Place Elementary, Zachary, LA

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Searching for funding? We can help!

Check out our new Grants and Funding page to find details on grant opportunities and tips for writing your own grant requests.  You can download our guide or find specific examples for your LEGO education classroom solution.

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Coming to a city near you

Visit us at an event and experience the new LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, participate in one of our hands-on workshops, or just stop by to tell us how you create engaging learning experiences in your classroom.

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LEGO Education training


Professional training and development

Get the most out of your LEGO Education resources with LEGO Education Academy training resources. Either bring a certified trainer to your school for a custom face-to-face professional development experience, or opt for one of our e-learning courses.

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