Valentine’s Day LEGO DIY Gifts 情人節自製LEGO禮物俾另一半

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Instead of the usual gifts and treats, why not consider MAKING a 100% unique LEGO gift for your special half that he or she will forever remember and cherish? Here are some executable ideas for DIY lovers who wish to express their love through these cute colourful bricks!

Idea 1: Mini M&M Candy Vendor Machinelego1

Idea 2: Minimal Lego Framed Artwork lego2

Idea 3: Lego Minifigure Wall Clocklego3

Idea 4: Lego Superhero Minifigure Braceletlego4

Idea 5: Lego Brick Clutchlego6

Idea 6: Lego Rose Bouquetlego7

Idea 7: Lego Minifigure Head Cufflinks



Idea 8: Lego Long Brick Bangle

Idea 9: Mosaic-inspired Lego Accessorieslego10

Idea 10: 2-in-1 Lego Heart Necklace For Him & Herlego11

Idea 11: Lego Double Heart Dangling Necklace

Idea 12: Lego Desk Calendarlego13

Idea 13: Lego Mug With Rock-Climber 🙂

Idea 14: Turn A Lego Set Into A Camping Lantern (so lazy right)

Idea 15: Easy Lego Brick Cufflinkslego16
Idea 16: Simple Lego Mobile Phone Docklego17

Idea 17: Garden Themed Lego Mobile Phone Docklego18

Idea 18: Lego Vintage Hand-held Phone Case lego19

Idea 19: Theatre-inspired Lego Mobile Phone Dock (so cute!)lego20

Idea 20: Lego Gift Box with Ribbonlego21

Idea 21: Lego Business Card & Stationery Holderlego22

Idea 22: Lego Piano & Pianist  Jewelry Boxlego23


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